Sunday, October 5, 2008


Lack of posts... omg, going out of my mind!

Let me catch you up to speed.

Reason 1.. not really a reason but here goes.
I have been sick for a couple months now, and I can't seem to shake this flu.

And now for the juicy parts..

The boy and I were watching TV last month when it went on the fritz. You turned it on, and all you could see was 1 line running halfway across the screen. Not cool considering we just pooled our pennies together to replace our previous car (see earlier posts). We were not looking forward to spending a ton of money on a brand new tv.

The better half decided to buy a second hand tube TV from some guy in the east end. BIG MISTAKE. Not only did the TV reek of cigs and was tainted yellow, ( non smokers here!!), but it was broke to start out with!! He asked the guy to show him if the TV worked, and hauled it in the car and off he went! The only feature he wanted in the TV, ended up being broken. He could not get his HD tv. (We discovered this after fitting the nook, and getting a couple guys to help moved the original TV out of it. btw, the original tv weighed about 300 pounds. Not an easy feat!!)

Soooooooooo my better half got this crazy idea to crack the back of the TV open to fix the HD input. I strongly advised him not to do it because if it broke, we would have wasted money. So what does he do? *all together now* He cracks it open!! What is most likely to happen when you open the back of a TV? *ready for this kids?* it breaks.

Like an idiot, I laughed. what else do you do after a half hour argument about NOT cracking the tube open??

So I had the upper hand and he cracked. We are now the proud owners of a BRAND NEW (emphasize the new) Toshiba 37" LCD television. I have vowed never to buy second hand electronics.. ever again.

This is where I can proudly use this phrase... I told you so!!! : P

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