Monday, August 25, 2008

Me and Jones..

Photo by Yumiang:

My last entry really got me thinking..
Jones Soda with personalized labels as favors...

Sweetened to perfection..

Nathalie Moser photography:

Life is but a carnival..

Top row from left: photo by Mel Barlow, tent from Fete NY, miniature crudites from Martha Stewart Weddings, polka dot dress from J.CrewRow 2: carnival dessert buffet from Rebecca Thuss, Milkmaid Press invitation via Elizabeth Anne Designs, tulips by Details DetailsRow 3: yellow parasol photo by Heather Mabry, candy apple photo by Whitebox Weddings, boutonniere via Brooklyn Bride, photobooth via The Bride's Cafe

I've always dreamed of having a carnival inspired wedding.. the only thing I worry about is if it comes across as cheesy... I love this inspiration board btw...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Garden party anyone?

I love whimsical things... how sweet would this be? Paths lined with lit paper bags...

'Say Cheese!!'

Photos byJimmy Cheng photography
Photobooth provided by Red Cheese

Keep your guests busy throughout the reception. This is an awesome idea to get people to mingle and have a good laugh. Surely everyone will remember this!! This would also be an awesome idea for a photo guest book! Get people to write little messages of Love and congrats on your special day.

Image courtesy of Martha Writes Elseachelsea

Thank you notes maybe?

Thanks for making our day so sweet...

Photos by fabricated photos

How great is this??

Candy buffets are hitting it big at weddings these days. I went to a wedding not too long ago, and they had a whole dessert table set up. Cute little tuxedo strawberries and the wedding cake layed out.. really nice! This idea takes it to the next level.

Here's a thought, Candy buffets with take out containers as favors!

You can make personalized tags to match your theme (match it to you invitations or color scheme) and it could be an inexpensive way to thank your guests! Who doesn't like candy?!!

Find different sizes and types of vases, bar glasses ( large martini, hurricane, wine glasses), large bowls.. Renting containers is one option, though that could be the last resort as it can be costly. You can also try to find glass containers from the thrift shops. You can come out with handfuls without paying through the nose. Set your table up with different heights. You can do this setting the vases on shoe boxes, cubes.. drape your fabric over the set up and fill your vases with whatever you like!!

Most candy buffets I've seen, all seem to be pretty empty. You can try to keep the cost low by adding fillers in between the containers such as flower pedals, or Christmas balls inserted in hurricane vases. You can offer smaller selections, however try to sort it out on a small tables instead of a larger table.

Play with fabric, mix and match things to make it visually appealing. Another way to fill in the spaces would be to add photographs of your family's weddings or your engagement photos in between the containers. You can also insert a menu of the candy bar selection in the frames. Candles are also nice, but make sure you place them in a way that people can reach without burning themselves.

Sweet Treats!!

The 1950's inspired..

Designer Candy Anthony

Photography by Rob and Lauren

Bride: Nina
Designer Candy Anthony

I love the look of the 1950's.When shopping vintage make sure everything is a sure fit. Depending on the fabric, making adjustments might not be the ideal thing. You never know how the fabric will react to alterations.

Here are a couple idea's I'd love to incorporate on my big day. My mom is going to craft this jem together as my wedding gift (when the time comes). If you're getting something custom made, it's always good to know what you'd like ahead of time. If shopping for something newer, it's good to have ideas but also be open minded about other options.

You never know what you'll find!!

P.s. How cute would this combo be.. the top on the second photo, and the way the bottom flows on the 3rd..

Is a short wedding dress right for you?

Dress by Carmela Sutra via Gownella

Pondering the idea of wedding dress length.. I've always wondered if I should consider a shorter flirtier wedding dress than the traditional bouffant princess gown.

The Gownella blog had some really good insight on the subject.

What do you think?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Something original...

'Biking together' Card by kindred knits via etsy

I am officially freaking out.

I was wondering if I'd ever be able to get out of a standard 'Hallmark' card world, when all of a sudden I ended up on this AMAZING website!!! Basically, it's an eBay for artists and designers, painters, sewers.. you name it, they have it! From one of a kind greeting cards to custom made jewellery, this site has it all!! I am absolutely amazed at all the crazy ideas and details everyone has brought to the table. Browse around.. see what you can find!

There might be light at the end of the originality tunnel after all!!

P.s. How cute would this card be for a wedding 'thank you' note..


Sunday, August 17, 2008

« Et la lumière fut »

I have always been a sucker for paper lanterns and romantic candle lighting. I was perusing the net a few months ago, and I stumbled upon these really neat honeycomb inspired lanterns. Very inexpensive considering the originality of each lantern. Available at Anthropologie (if you've never visited the site, I urge you to do so!!)

At the moment, these lanterns go for about $20-$30 a piece.
You can use them for fun centerpieces or just decor. If you want to part with them after your wedding, you probably wouldn't have a problem re-selling them for a fraction of the cost.
The second idea would be paper lanterns.. LOVE LOVE LOVE these.

Depending on your color scheme, you can mix and match the colors to the feel you're going for. You can also stick to traditional white to add that dramatic effect in a dark room or darker scheme. (as pictured above)

Depending on where you go, paper lanterns can go from 0.60$ a piece (size pending) to $5 (larger) and depending on variation of color.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Obviously, Planning a wedding isn't easy.. keeping on budget probably isn't either. I can't imagine what goes through bride's minds when first getting engaged. Where do you start??

By no means do I know how to relate. I am un-wed, un-engaged and have absolutely no intentions of walking down any isles any time soon. (Ironically this is what I tell my boyfriend... which any women can agree with, is obvious bull-crap)

I love weddings. I love bridal magazines (remember.. not engaged). I love the look on my boyfriend's face when I open the mailbox and the magazines are busting out at the seams.. LOVE IT!! lol Absolute priceless-ness.

My obsession started at the tender age of 8. My dear fashion designer mother told me to start a book of ideas. In no time, it progressed to 5 "3 binders color coated with extreme detail and sample fabric swatches. It's all there. 33 different (sometimes ridicules) wedding scenarios.

Hopefully I can plan a moderately inexpensive/elaborate wedding..
Care to join me on my quest?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thinking out loud...

Does a wedding dress have to be white or ivory?

I wouldn't mind wearing this on my big day.. what do you think?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


There is something to be said about your mother's wedding dress, grandmother's pearls or even dusty old family heirlooms.. I very much enjoy the charm of wearing something old and borrowed that has been lost in a midst of boxes and memories over the years. It's refreshing to see something so old and beautiful seem brand new after it's been cleaned up.
When planning your special day, think of borrowing a piece of your family's past. Guaranteed it will put a smile on someones face to see these items being put to good use again.