Monday, May 17, 2010

lovely sashes..

Over the past few years, I've been noticing that more and more brides are letting their individual personalities shine through their wedding decor and attire. From embellished bird cage veils right down to painted pumps, a blushing bride makes sure that none of these little details are overlooked. I'm going to say I've been thinking about jumping on the sash band wagon these past few months. Not only do these gorgeous sashes spice up the average looking gown but it also adds a unique and one of a kind touch that makes you stand out and shine on your special day.

Here are a few Etsy finds I absolutely love..

ivory silk dupioni sash via percyhandmade

sash belt handmade embellished ivory lace via percyhandmade

Sash belt silk rosettes via percyhandmade

Vintage Ivory on Black bridal sash via Bridal Shoppe

If only I can get the dress style sorted out.. and the search continues..

wordless Monday..

A New York bride, groom, and their guests transported by pedicabs to the reception.

Friday, May 7, 2010

more on styling our backyard-ish wedding

Over the years I've been collecting clippings from the LCBO (local liquor outlets) seasonal catalogues. I find some of their ideas would work beautifully with our overall wedding style. Since we aren't having a formal sit down reception, a traditional table setting wouldn't be in the cards; but that doesn't stop us from using these ideas as a basic guideline for our reception decor.

I love the mix of small tea light candles, lanterns and white freesia arrangements in little galvanized tin cups.. it's very laid back but adds a touch of class to the setting.
And of course, who can forget the glass globe string lighting.. finding these on the cheap might be a challenge, (a string of 20 lights can run you at $20-25 a pop online these days), but I'm sure we can find some kind of deal on eBay or see if we can't find a rental company in town.

As for color schemes, we're still deciding on our palettes but I have a feeling we'll be in the thick of purple and red hues from the jewel tone families.

It's all starting to come together!