Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Dear Guest: You're Invited to a Surprise Wedding, Just Don't Tell the Bride"

This article title kind of freaked me out... I'm not sure If i'd be very happy if this happened to me. Some people might like the in your face type of surprise, but I would be more embarrased rather than excited about this idea.

Have I ever mentioned I hate HUGE surprises? I think I'd throw myself off in the deep end after getting the news that the one thing I've been looking forward to planning since I was a little girl was not only planned without me, but executed in a way that everyone knew about it but me. I'm sorry not an idea I'm crazy about.

Surprising your guests with a surprise wedding is one thing... surprising the bride? Totally different ball game.

Read on.. this one seemed to work out for the bride and groom..


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