Monday, January 25, 2010

Wordless Monday...

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Let the wedding planning officially begin!

The deed is done.

The bridal party is selected and now, the planning can really begin!

A little backround story if you will.

Years before we got engaged, the FH and I would talk endlessly about wedding details.. From cakes, styles for the bridal party, themes.. Gifts.. (let's face it, the registry always comes up in passing...) but one thing we always seemed to disagree on was the whole bridal party thing. I wanted three, and he wanted 1.. And then after doing the math, made pros and cons lists, and arm wrestled over it, I finally got on board with the idea for one attendee on each side.
Last night we sealed the deal. It's official, 1 and 1. that is it.

Am I happy with it? Yes.. Did I lose sleep over it? No..

Here's why.

We have tooooooooooons of close friends. The girls are all close, the boys are close and we also have siblings and close cousins to add to the mix. To include some and not others would be a crime.. Having a bridal party of 16 would absolutely be out of the question. Headaches would never end and I really don't want to deal with diva attitudes if the girls didn't like the dresses or the seating arrangements for their spouses. The important thing is that all our friends and family will be there to celebrate with us, and if we have to keep the bridal party small in order to keep things drama free, so be it. Drama free is a very important detail.. You know why? Too many chefs spoil the soup. Nuff' said.

So the deed is done. The FH (Future Hubby if you're trying to figure that out), asked the best man last week and everything is falling into place.

*** DISCLAIMER!!!!***

I won't be going into much detail about the wedding on this blog... but if you want to follow along with our planning please go see our blog baby, and follow us!

It's results like these Brides become Bridezillas…

Take my advice and steer clear from "what kind of Bride are you" quizzes...

My results you ask?

You're a Gambler
You want a fun, beautiful wedding as much as the next girl, but you're not willing to give up your life or your sanity to make it happen. You're there to marry the man you love. While your laissez-faire attitude is refreshing, it's the "whatever" brides that usually wind up being disappointed: Important details get missed, bridesmaids are unclear on their roles, or Mom takes over and creates the kind of wedding you really didn't want. The Zen attitude is fine, but don't leave too much to chance.

Never doing a quiz thing again…

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cake details..

It's a funny process when you start planning your wedding. You spend your life day dreaming about details and ideas going in one direction and then all of the sudden, everything shifts into another lane. For years, I envisioned cupcakes instead of a wedding cake.. red velvety goodness with an amazing cream cheese icing. Sounds amazing right?

Then, after having a conversation with the better half about cake cutting and smashing cake in ones face as a tradition (deal breaker) and thinking back to having a red velvet cupcake in New York only a few weeks ago, my mind started racing.. What if I get red specs all over my dress after the better half smashes a cupcake in my face? What if my teeth are stained red for the rest of the evening? What is a girl to do?? So, I scrapped that idea. (hmph..)

Back to the drawing boards.

But not too much time was spent there. We actually came up with somewhat of a compromise. One of my dearest friends, a pastry chef, whom I've known since the second grade (think 15 years ago) was enthused when I asked her if she would bake our wedding cake. Without really going into the cake details with her, she was absolutely delighted and honored that I asked but would hold a world class protest if we demanded 200 cupcakes, had them individually decorated with intricate details AND individually boxed and wrapped accordingly to give away as favors. (apparently, Bridezilla made an appearance at the last wedding she made a cake for.. don't think it ended on good terms..)

I took note (check) and just decided it would be less complicated and a little more appropriate for our celebration of love (yes, I went there) if we had a traditional 2 tiered wedding cake without the traditional trimmings. Just a simple butter cream or cream cheese icing (hold the fondant...), a few floral garnishes and a set of beautiful cake toppers like these (which we fully plan on DIY'ing ourselves) and maybe a cute red cake stand.

via thesmallobject on Etsy

Already getting goose bumps and butterflies thinking about it..

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The official backup plan...

Yes, you read right.

A backup plan.

It's actually pretty simple. We want to be prepared in case things get out of hand with family and friends confusing us with nonsense and silly things. A worst case scenario plan if you will..

The plan will only come into effect if...
  1. 'You know what' hits the fan and we are at each others throats in the early stages of planning our big day
  2. We can't seem to please our families no matter how much we bend
  3. The head count doubles from 150 to 300.. (it could happen)

If all else fails, and we throw in the towel, expect us to board a one way flight to Vegas.

That is that.

Voila.. the Back up plan.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Save the date.. or not..that is the question..

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Wiki defines a Save the Date as an item stating the date of a wedding or other formal event. It typically states the date when a couple plans to marry, so that recipients will know to keep that date free. Save the dates usually take the form of a card, but can also be a refrigerator magnet or similar item. They are generally sent out at least six months before the wedding date, and are usually followed by a formal wedding invitation.

One problem. Money. I'll be honest with ya, I've been engaged less than a week and when the better half and I talk about potential wedding ideas, all we see are dollar signs floating above our heads. Does anyone else see them? To me, save the dates are one area we can skimp on and save some extra $$ in the long run.

The better half and I have attended a lot of weddings. I don't mean 2 receptions a year.. We sometimes hit 5-6 on the low end if we are lucky! To the exception of a June wedding we will be attending this year, we have NEVER received a save the date card for any of these weddings. I commend these Brides, since wedding invitations are already expensive as it is. If you factor in the card stock, printing and postage costs(bet you didn't think of that one!), a save the date card could tack on another $2-300 additional expense to your already tight matrimonial budget. Instead of putting that $300 towards a piece of cardboard no one will remember receiving, why don't you go the eco-friendlier way and have fun with it!

We were thinking of building a website especially for the wedding for out of town guests and lurking friends who might want to find additional information on the dates, where we are registered and all that extra stuff you usually leave off the official invite. Since my better half is already tech savy, this would be the cost effective way for us to go. A domain name costs next to nothing to register and we could throw the website on an already existing server which would save us a good chunk of change. So there you have it! A $300 expense turned into an under $60 one!

In the end, we decided to only send save the date cards to our out of town/province/country guests. Everyone else can check the website. 'nuff said.

Did you send save the dates out? Any advice for us?

Monday, January 4, 2010

A fresh start to a New Year

I've been blogging about weddings for close to 2 years, but now instead of dreaming about them I actually get to start planning it! And for this, my friends, I am VERY excited. We've decided to plan for a late 2011 wedding, but this might change depending on certain obvious aspects.. We like to dream big, but in order to do things right, it requires a lot of planning and a very thick cheque book (which we don't actually have).

But first things first… a subscription to Martha's inpiration.. Check!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"What were your plans for New Years Eve?"

My mom asked me this questions on the 1st of January 2010...
This was my reply...

The better half and I spent the day in Central Park..

Took goofy photos...

Stumbled upon a late night dance party..

Then at the stroke of midnight over looking fireworks at Strawberry fields in Central Park, the better half got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Not a bad way to start the new year, right?