Sunday, October 26, 2008

A gelato wedding..

Photo by fdiazh on Flickr

mmm how good does this look?

Gelato shops gained popularity in Ottawa a little under 7 years ago. Currently, There are 2 well known awesome gelato shops in Ottawa with at least 2 locations each. Piccolo Grande (in business over 20 years!) and Pure Gelato. If you've never heard or tried Gelato, you are in for a real treat. (this has got to be my fave type of ice cream) Alot of the common flavors include chocolate, lemon, lime, orange, passion fruit (A MUST TRY) and the list goes on.. and on..

If you wanted to spend an afternoon testing the flavors, I suggest you go to the Elgin street Pure Gelato location. They will let you try every single item on the board without a purchase. (don't quote me on this... I don't want to be responsible if you get grumpy serving you the day you go! that would be too bad..)
Instead of the dessert buffet, you could probably have sometype of gelato bar! Piccolo Grande offers a gelato cart rental (with an attendant). The only downside to this idea, is the price... but when you look at it, they give you an all you can eat display of 6 Gelato flavors of your choice ( 30 Litres) for about $650 ( attendant will hang around for 2 hours to serve your eager guests).. It's probably less costly to have an all you can eat ice cart than it is to have a "happy hour" open bar for an hour.

Which brings me to my posting point.. Would you like to have a gelato cart at your wedding? I think it would be a major hit!! P.s. you might want to keep bibs on hand.. boys tend to make messes when they eat ice cream.. I know mine does..

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