Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maids from hell..

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So I got a little bored at home tonight. When I get bored, I research random things on google. Google is a magical tool you know? So I typed this little phrase above in the google search field to see what would pop up. I was unsuccesful The first time because maids from hell apparently translated to cleaning ladies from hell.

Back to the drawing board.. I then tried my second attempt at searching 'Bridesmaids from hell'.

I found this little number...


First, read the blog post above from Single in Syracuse.. and then come back here to read what I have to say about this little ditty.

*Are you done reading yet??*

In my opinnon, (bear in mind, I am allowed an opinion) this women is a class act bridezilla.

"Out of my six girls, three have been the epitome of perfect bridesmaids. The girls want to know, on a daily basis, what it is I need them to do. They know I am planning a huge wedding on top of finishing two schools, working, and renovating a new apartment to make it move-in ready in two weeks. The other three ‘maids fall in and out of my graces daily"

I'm sorry. Did she honnestly expect ALL of her 6 girls would bow down to her? I get she asked them to be maids.. but there are better reasons to be mad at them. ( btw did you read the reasons why she picked them in the first place???) You're talking about 6 women who also have other things on the go.. Guaranteed not everyone is going to be on the same page.

And it goes on... dress shopping...

"Maid: Can we get strapless? I want strapless?
Me: No, I’d really prefer if you girls have a different neckline than mine. I’m wearing strapless. Maid: But I want strapless.
Me: (losing patience) I want you girls in a different neckline! So you look different than me!"

Ok, I get the bridesmaid she's talking about in this post is a little hard to work with, but honestly.. Would anyone really remember you wore a strapless dress and your maids wore the same neckline? Is it a faux pas to wear the same neckline as the bride? Someone help me on this..
At least they didn't wear white to her wedding..

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