Saturday, September 27, 2008

Say Yes, well... maybe..

I'm a big TLC junkie. I love home decor, house flipping, wedding shows... but this one blew me off the shelf. It's Saturday morning 8am. Nothing else to watch but "Say yes to the dress". Seeing as I had never really seen the show, I figure.. why not?! Couldn't hurt right?

So basically, this is a "docusoap" that gives you an inside look at how things work at one of the worlds most renowned Bridal salons, Kleinfeld Bridal. This shop boasts itself as having the largest (most expensive) wedding dress selection in the world.

Being a self proclaimed wedding obsessed kinda gal, I really started getting into it. You see brides with different body shapes and sizes walk in and the consultants know exactly what to pick out for them based on their preference of price and style.

But here's my beef. (I'll keep it short I promise)

Why the world would you spend $27 000 (yes, twenty seven thousand) on a dress???!???!?!?!
Please someone take my hand and explain it to me.
I just don't get it..

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