Friday, October 24, 2008

Introducing... Martha Fridays!

I am a closet Martha fan. I've been secretly stealing my mom's Martha magazines for a very long time now.. she's never really said anything, but I know deep down inside... she knows...

There's nothing like a Sunday morning coffee shared with a little Martha R&R time. ( that's rest and recreation for the acronym impaired) In her honor, I have decided to come out of the Martha closet and start a new weekly Friday segment called... (are you ready for this?)

Martha Fridays

(not as climactic as I wanted it to be, but still very exciting!!)

So starting next Friday ( put it in your calendars girls), I will be posting all things Martha. I'm not sure what I'll talk about, but I'm sure It'll be good.

I don't doubt it.

Tune in....

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