Thursday, March 26, 2009

For the love of chocolate..

Heart Shaped Treats by Keimu via Etsy
These bite size treats look so yummy... maybe we'll forgo the whole candy buffet idea and have a hot chocolate station. Just to have these beauties to give. Say we have a table set up with garnishes and toppings for the beverages and little tuxedo strawberries... oh myyyyy...
Nothing like homemade goodness to make a party!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just missed it...

See what all the fuss is about...


Let's see what the paper lady has in store for us today!!

Honestly, this has got to be the most successful photobooth album I have seen to date. Looking through each photo, I can tell these guys are having a fantastic time and really loving this activity! This is what I can only hope to accomplish on our wedding day..

wine spills included.

P.s. Check out her blog... {I heart} everything about it!

i like..

save the date by Anna Bond posted via Hello Lucky

Monday, March 23, 2009

His and Hers...

Only in Vegas..

Top row from left: photo from Brides, red dice, Vespa bride via Black Eiffel, giant map invitation by Omnivore via Brooklyn BrideRow 2: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, photo from Junebug Weddings, Jackpot cake by Lovin' Sullivan, turquoise shoesRow 3: aquamarine ring from Gray's Antique Markets, flowers by Ariella Chezar, Blue Fin cocktail, Janey dress from J. Crew, photo booth save-the-date by Bird and Banner

I think the boy would like this theme all too much... that said, I love the vibrant turquoise and red colors in this inspiration board.. maybe a Vegas themed shin-dig? would that be tacky?

hmmm... something to ponder...

Now we're talking...

Now if I could only find the template... maybe with a gocco session I could figure this out...
What a beautiful bouquet.. I love how the mix of deep red dahlias, deep purple hydrangea and purple Vanda orchids complement each other in this creation.

The bridesmaids bouquets are also wonderful.. each one has a base of deep purple hydrangea and deep red dahlias, deep red Rubicon roses, and a few black mini callas incorporated in the mix.
This would be fitting for a fall wedding or a black tie affair. LOVE..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Planning on asking her to be your MOH?

Here are a few tips from

1. For friends who live out of town, There's nothing wrong with calling her, but I think it's nicer to take the opportunity to write her a card. There are now will you be my bridesmaid cards, but you can also make one, or use your stationery to write a personal note.

2. Ask Her With a Sense of Humor It's a long-standing joke that bridesmaid dresses are ugly. The people at have assembled a mind-boggling collection of bad bridesmaids dresses. Print out your favorite ones (if you can stop laughing), and use them to creatively make a card. You can write inside something like "I know you've always wanted to wear a peach monstrosity with a butt-widening bow on the back. Will you be a part of our wedding party?" or "I will never ask you to wear an ugly dress, as long as you're my bridesmaid!"

3. Send Her a Book Wrap a bridesmaid guidebook in pretty paper, and put a note on top saying "This is something I thought you'd be needing soon." Be sure to tuck a personal note inside the book before you wrap it. She'll have the surprise and laughs when she first opens the gift, but still be able to read your touching words.

4. Picture Yourself in a Celebrity Wedding Search for pictures of iconic celebrity weddings like Liza Minnelli's, Britney Spears, or even Charles and Camilla. Cut out one of the bridesmaids' faces and put your friend's picture there instead. On the inside of the card, write something cute like "I know our wedding can never compete with your pal Liza's bash, but at least you won't have to wear such an ugly dress, or put up with the paparazzi. Will you be my bridesmaid?"

5. Make a small photo album of pictures of the two of you. On the last page, write your wedding date, leaving room for a photo of the two of you. As she's looking through the book, and gets to that page, say "I can't wait to put a picture of the two of us from my wedding day on that page. Would you be my bridesmaid?"

How did you ask her?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cigarettes Russes à la Martha...

via Jumbo Empanadas

Browsing through my old Martha-zine archives, I pulled out the '06 holiday issue and landed on these beauties.. looks like an interesting favor idea maybe? 4 per package with patterned backing paper (colors of your theme perhaps?) wrapped in cello with a pretty ribbon. Maybe include a note at the back of the patterned paper... now I'm thinking!!

Recipe available here!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I {heart}...

Birds in Flight bangle via Mod Cloth

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Still confused?

If you're still having doubts regarding local venues and vendors to use for your wedding, mosey on over to Wedding Mapper for some insight.. you won't be disappointed!!

He Shoots..

We LOVE going to Sens games, after all, he is the one who taught me everything about the game.. Before I met him, I thought you could score a goal by putting the puck in the crease.. apparently this wasn't the case.. boy, have I come a long way!
Maybe a shoot like this would be fitting for us...
a serious score... Amazing shots..

Last night, I had a dream..

Everything was beautiful.. Martha & I were having a crafternoon... Then I woke up, wishing I had a pen nearby... I forgot everything she taught me..

I am disappointed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Etsy word search of the day...

Save the date... via Etsy

The one at the Beach...

via Aloha Island Weddings

Let the official Cuba hoopla countdown begin!! We are so excited to be spending a week at a beautiful resort in Cuba to witness our friends getting hitched on the beach in less than 45 days.. We can only hope for fantastic weather, the fruitiest of fruity drinks and awesome times...
Now if I could only find a bathing suit...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Card boxes..

via Wood Master

I'm not really a fan of the traditional card boxes set up at wedding receptions... you know, the ones that look like wrapped presents.. but they aren't?
That said.. I'm really liking the looks of this... what do you think?

{Ceci n'est pas une cravatte...}

It's a piece of art...

Toy Breaker via Etsy

Reasons to have a Disney wedding...

You can have your cake...

via SMN on flickr

Last year, I posted on this wonderful Centerpiece cake. After a little snooping around, I finally found out that these cakes are made locally (here in Ottawa) and can be catered to fit your event theme. Although pricey, you get much more than what you pay for. Catering to just about any events, these cakes are absolutely one of a kind and will make people talk!

The Girl with the most Cake
The reviews speak for themselves..
Check it out!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

{Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux}

If the weatherman predicts poor weather for your wedding day, just remember the French saying, "Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux", which promises a happy marriage as a result of a wet wedding.
And if you don't buy into the idea that rain is lucky, there's always.. Rain, rain, go away - come again another day!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pondering beautifulness..

Invite conception & Thanks photography by Alan Ayers / Photography for invitations Ben Blood

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Etsy word search of the day...

Just Married... via Etsy

Little boys and little girls..

How are you going to thank your little helpers for giving their (somewhat) helping hand during the big day? After all, they are the cute factor of the wedding… you can’t not have something special prepared for them right?

I found this area especially hard because I wasn’t really thinking specifically about which little kids would fill the spot. I know who we’d potentially have as our Ring bearer, but we aren’t planning on going the flower girl route. Even thinking about the ring bearer, It was harder to find something decent for them… Besides an engraved whistle (no thanks) and a silver plated yoyo… there wasn’t much choice around here.

You want to try to keep the personal feel throughout the gift, also throw in a couple things YOU KNOW the kids would love.

So I put together a little mock list of potential ideas.. and here’s what I was thinking…

Flower girls:
Canvas tote bag (take out your fabric paints and Bedazllers ladies!!)
Dress up Paper Doll Book (personally, I loved this as a kid!)
Little baggy filled with personalized M&Ms of her fave colors
Little silver Jewellery box (engraved to add that special touch)
Cute little earrings or engraved personalized Charm Bracelet

Ring bearers:
Wicked cool Backpack (You can let your hubby pick it out.. he knows what’s cool)
Juggling balls (in a special tin)
Little bag filled personalized M&Ms of his fave colors
Little boy watch (to attach to his belt loop)
baseball jersey/bat set (personalized of course) with matching hat
Small Lego set (to keep him busy while everyone is running around)

I was pondering the idea of coloring books and pencils and a set of markers.. but there is a risk factor that isn’t 100% kiddie full proof. You don’t want to have to scramble around at the last minute if your ring bearer thinks it’s funny to draw on your flower girl's dress.. oh yeah… believe it or not, it’s happened!! (Rule #1, ALWAYS keep a Tide stick close... in case)

I really liked the idea of Fleece blankets as well. Go to Old Navy for these (they always have pretty funky colors and at a great price you can't go wrong) or have it specially ordered with their initials on it for that special touch. also had a great box gift set with miniature pops, sweets & gadgets for the kids.

Oh.. one site I was looking at today suggested engraved paperweights for the ring bearers… honestly?? What does a 6 year old boy need a paper weight with his name engraved on it for??? It’ll end up being launched at his parents when he’s not happy… not so good!!

If you still have no clue where to start, here are great tips listed on Bridal people :

Ask the parents for clues and ideas, chances are they will know exactly what to get the kids.

If that fails, take them out for a “Ring bearer”/ “Flower girl” day of fun! This can count as your gift by treating them to an activity packed day! If you still plan on giving them a gift, this is also a great way to find out more about their likes and dislikes. Should make your job easier in the long run.

The last thing to remember is to make them feel like they are an important part of your day. Don’t forget to have fun. Kids love to feel special too, they will always remember your wedding as being the coolest they've ever been to.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All dressed up...

The countdown..

When you get that bling on your finger, wither you want it or not, things will kick into high gear. Lots of Brides and Grooms tend to get overwhelmed with all the planning details. They have no clue or guidance on where to start.

After comparing notes with a few publications.. here is a quick list to get you started in the right direction..

9-12 Months prior to the wedding:

Announce your engagement : If you haven't splashed it on Facebook, or titled yourself as Mrs. to be on your Twitter status, consider taking a spot in your local newspaper or creating a website/ blog to keep your family and friends up to date on up coming details.

Find Ceremony site/and venue, reserve and decide on a date: It's very important you book the venue and ceremony sites as soon as possible. Depending on the venue, specific times of the year and can be highly competitive for bookings.

Work on a guest list to get a rough head count: It's a good idea to start figuring out your guest list in the beginning. It'll give you an idea of what to expect with caterers' quotes for booze and food.

Start looking around for your Bridal gown: Round up your ladies for a night of Bridal Magazine "eye candy" shopping. Cut out your favorite ideas and styles and create a scrapbook to help you have a better idea of what you are specifically looking for.

6-9 Months prior:

Choose your wedding party, select a caterer, pick a photographer/videographer, hire a florist (They book fast, so make sure you get a deposit down!!) Book musicians and/or DJ, start researching Honeymoon spots.

Mail save the dates: Especially if you are having a destination or holiday-weekend wedding

Register: Registering for gifts is a blessing for some, and a pain for others. It all comes down to practicality. If you don't want to receive 3 fondue sets and 16 different salt and pepper shakers of all shapes and sizes (unless you registered for them), this is probably the best route you should go. The only downside to registering is you risk the chance of not getting something of sentimental value.

Order your wedding gown: Always leave extra time when ordering your gown. Especially if it's a special order gown. Be prepared to expect the un-expected, you can never be too sure.

4-6 Months prior:

Order wedding stationery and book a Calligrapher (if using one), shop for the wedding cake, hire wedding day transportation, book your fave beauty pros for the big day, Scout accommodation for out-of-town guests, complete the guest list, Start planning your Honeymoon, and make flight and hotel reservations.

Arrange the rehearsal dinner (suggestion...)

2-4 Months prior:

Find out about marriage-license requirements ( a must!!), order tuxedos/suits for the groom and his groomsmen, buy Thank you gifts for the attendants, choose favors (if any), start selecting music set list for the reception, Order the wedding cake, meet with the caterer or banquet manager (discuss menus, service style, wine selections....), shop for wedding bands

4-8 Weeks prior:

Mail invitations 6-8 weeks ahead of the wedding

Do a hair and makeup run-through (with headpiece)

Decide on insurance-policy changes you'll need (you never know)

2-4 Weeks prior:

Plot the seating for the reception

Confirm details with the photographer, florist...

Have your final dress fitting

Write your rehearsal-dinner toast

1 week prior:

Place the fees due on the wedding day in envelopes (you don't want to be writing cheques and worrying about payments the day of)

Give the the caterer a final head count

And last but not least, book yourself a day at the spa for final beauty treatments.. go on Honey! You MORE Than deserve a day at the Spa!

Most importantly, Don't Forget to ENJOY yourself. After all, it is you and your hubby's big day!

Ok now... seriously?

Lollipop and hard candy bouquet via Red Photo Co.

How Beautiful!!!

Cake plates & fancy dates..

Cake plate by Vessels and wares via Etsy

LOVE LOVE LOVIN' this beautiful piece!! I could imagine 5 of these plates in pastel colors on our dessert table.
Add a couple candles and vases of flowers as fillers... hmmmm... ideas, ideas, friends!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Red velvety goodness...

Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe via Pinch My Salt

A couple weeks ago, we were in New York City taking in the sights and decided to take a dessert break at Magnolia's. He had one bite, looked at me and said "This is what I want at our wedding". He has made a decision and I will not overturn it.
Red Velvet it is!!

With this ring...

Paloma's nest via Etsy
A modern twist on the classic ring bearer's pillow. Paloma's Nest Paloma's Nest is making waves with this jem in weddings all around the globe. Featured in Brides Magazine, this bowl can be used during and well after the ceremony. The ring bearer bowl has two little holes near the top rim, through which you can tie a ribbon that matches your wedding style/colors. After the ceremony, the bowl can serve as a jewelry dish or to hold your keys. You can also pass these beautiful dishes to future generations.

Friday, March 6, 2009

If you are petite..

Via Posh Girl Vintage

What a beauty... too bad it's not in my size...

Martha Friday: For the eco conscious Bride

The Brunch Request by Martha

Want to reduce buying bulk invitations for almost everything wedding related? Opt for this fantastic cyber delight. This takes e-invites to a new level.

Wither you have been married or not, you always get invites for everything from Bridal showers to Brunches. Apart from the main invite, you can save a couple bucks going this route. All you have to do is design an invite (once) and send it in bulk to whom ever you please!!

How do you collect everyone's e-mail addys you ask?

When designing your main wedding invitation, leave a spot on the RSVP card for your guests to enter their web addies. Not only will this save you time and headaches, you can copy this info into your main wedding contact spreadsheets. Brunches, Bridal Showers, Stag & Doe info.. it's time to get with the technology!!

Martha has partnered with online invite giant Pingg and created tons of customized templates for your invitation needs! You can also create your own invites by uploading images to their online tool and following the easy steps listed on the site. The website also allows you to manage the RSVPs, reminders and Thank yous! It takes no more than 5 minutes of your time (if you already have the info in front of you). All you have to do is fill it in and send it off!!

Check it out!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack...

After a little bit of the blogger blues, I'm back in full force.

Stay tuned for extreme goodies galore!!