Saturday, September 13, 2008

I {heart} Kate & Clifton

Holy Double Matrimony by Kate* via flickr

Around this time last year, I was browsing flickr for photobooth themed wedding invites for inspiration. I wasn’t looking for anything specific but any type of idea would have been good at the time.

Then, I stumbled onto this…

Double weddings aren’t very common where I come from, and it’s not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind for wedding shindigs either. Brides seem to have it ingrained in their heads that it’s supposed to be “HER” special day. Well, technically you are sharing it with the groom and technically it’s “YOUR” special day.. if you catch my drift. So.. while you’re at it, why not make it Double the fun??

In Comes this double matrimony extravaganza… there is so much detail and personal touch in everything! From the handmade buttons right down to the table cloths (made by Kate’s mother), everything is beautiful.

The reason for the double matrimony?
we are all friends, and all of our friends live spread we decided to
save some money and some money for our friends and get married at the same time!
(quote via Kate* )

They made it a theme…
Kate, documented her wedding prep on flickr by posting photos and adding clever captions through the different stages of planning. When I first saw this set, I absolutely loved all these ideas. I was quick to print them out and stick them in my scrapbook of lovelies for safe keeping.

I’m not sure if I could stomach the work that went into this project, but it is brilliant to see the stages of prep during and after all the final details were in place.

1200 photo strips were printed, cut BY HAND… (lots of paper cuts come to mind?) and Gocco’d over with both sets of the Bride and Grooms' names. (After printing behind 150 of the strips, they decided maybe printing on top of the strip would work much better.. oh boy, did it ever!)
They also printed over handkerchiefs by ironing fabric to wax paper and then cutting them down to individual squares to fit into a laser printer for a great Double Matrimony design they created. The result are pretty impressive!

The RSVPs are my fave part of the project. The colors, page layout and text wording just blew me away. The pink and orange card stock made the gold gocco paints really pop off the page. (The double cake graphic is to die for) The invitations are simple, yet seriously awesome. In this case, less really is more! Again, the gold lettering makes this set work. Everything in this package ties together so wonderfully. It has a very vintagy/moderny feel to it.

After everything was done, the invitations were assembled (like a little press pack if you will) and placed in plastic see-through envelopes ready to be sent out to guests.

500 handmade designer wedding buttons, 175 personalized music CDs and stacks of beautiful programs later, PERFECTION!!

See it for yourself...