Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Local gems...

Ottawa is pretty big on dividing the city in small 'village' like areas. The Byward Market, Sandy hill, Manotick, Somerset Village.. It never really ends.

My grand parents owned a beautiful house in Westboro on Caroline avenue until about 15 years ago. I don't remember much of what the inside looked like, but if we were to walk by it today, I would have absolutely no hesitation in picking it out. The really neat thing about Caroline ave is that houses aren't cookie cutter homes. Most of my fmaily has lived in westboro at some point in time. My parents had a brief encounter on Athlone ave, and my better half and I lived on the same street for a little while as well. This happened by fluke!

The greatest thing about living in Westboro are the little shops that line the main strip. You want detail? They can give it to you and then some!

It's been over 2 years since we've lived in the area, and we miss it dearly. We occasionally take walks around town for ice cream or check for Elvis sightings at the Newport restaurant.
We took a walk around the area yesterday, and there were many new faces and old friends still lurking about. Old favorites unfortunately closed but will always remain in our hearts. In an homage to Westboro, I thought I'd post our fave spots.

Bark and Fitz
We had to throw this one in for Rufus..
This place is crazy nice!! And all about your special pooch : )
Gourmet treats (we saw birthday cake shaped cookies yesterday), fashionable collars and leaches, amazingly soft doggy beds... A dogs dream!!

The Candy Store
Only opened a few months, this store has already stolen the hearts of the locals westboronians. Amazing lay out, dreamy window d├ęcor and whimsical atmosphere. I saw the window display and wanted to go in so bad (to my better half's disappointment) BEAUTIFUL. I especially loved the decanters filled with bright colored hard candy (which I cannot sadly chew but I am more than happy to look at it) They also do custom gift baskets and beautiful candy displays for every event you can think of. I hope they stay in town for a while, I want to go back soon!

Newport Restaurant
This one is a must. If you're from out of town and are visiting Ottawa, you best be setting your foot in this place.. Or else you'll regret it!! If you are adventurous, please try the Montreal Style pizza. When we first moved to Westboro, we decided to have a late night snack and picked this one.. (oh boy were we in trouble!!) We had no clue how pickles on a pizza would work, but it did!! Truly yummy!! (not for everyone) Give it a try!!
P.s. Elvis eats here too!!

Truffle Treasures
Westboro chocolate darling, Lara Vaarre, opened this little shop several years ago and has some of the yummiest truffle creations I have ever tasted. Have you ever had an Earl Grey Tea truffle? How about a Champagne and Strawberries Truffle? I know I haven't, but this will be on my list of things to do on my next trip to this shop. (which will hopefully be soon!!) (truffles to try: Chai tea truffle) P.s. Best damn Gelato in town!!

More to come...

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