Monday, September 1, 2008

Guest lists.. revisited

After having a wedding convo with friends the other day, I began pondering the guest list scenarios again. I've tossed and turned about and I figured, the way to go is invite the people who you really want to attend your wedding. Not just reception or ceremony only type of thing. You want them to come, invite them to the whole thing.
Friends of friends got married a few weeks ago, and they were invited to the later 'after' reception. They basically got there at 9:30 pm wayyyy past the time dinner was supposed to have ended, and they were locked out of the reception hall until the main course finished. 11pm. We were invited to the same wedding, but opted out because of prior commitments. Glad we didn't go. Everyone left by the time the dinner ended.
Nothing says thank you like an empty hall and a reception invitation.. after the party ended..

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