Thursday, September 4, 2008

Champagne Weddings...

Top row from left: tissue paper pom poms from Blueprint via All Things Bright and Beautiful, carrot cupcake from Martha Stewart, button seating cards via Black Eiffel, gold fish wine glass photo by Michele M. Waite via Married & MoreRow 2: save-the-date by Cheerup Cherup, J.Crew image via Nibs, crepe paper flowers from Martha Stewart Crafts, crudite centerpiece from Martha StewartRow 3: Tory Burch Olivia banana flats from Net-A-Porter, ribbon board via Weddingbee, convertible Bug photo by Amy Squires, dahlia boutonniere via {frolic!}Row 4: burger truck, orange candy from Martha Stewart, orange iPod nano, birdcage veil via Brooklyn Bride

I'm really warming up to this board posted via Snippet and Ink.

This is by far the sweetest inspiration board I've seen in a while. I love Love LOVE the color scheme, love the burger truck idea, and ABSOLUTELY love the fact that this can actually work!!
I've been trying to piece this 'imaginary' wedding together and I can draw quite a few ideas from this inspiration board.
This is very much the vintage feel I'm trying to go for. The initial idea was to have a carnival theme incorporated with the modern wedding. The key word was (I'll spell it out for you) F-U-N! Now here's the thing we have a carnival for your wedding. If you're having an outdoor extravaganza, you have to keep many factors in mind during the planning.
Everyone already knows these, but it doesn't hurt to re-iterate them.

1. Weather, 2. Mobility (for your elders of course) 3. Comfort (you don't want to be outside during a heat wave or a very cold and blistery day!!) 4. Washroom accessibility

Weather: A key factor in why many people decide not to host an outdoor wedding. If you are a firm follower of the Almanac, (to this day, I will not look at one) or follow the weather network religiously (again, not looking) you might be out of luck for long term decisions. In the past year alone, I figured the weather network has had a 12/365 day ratio of getting the weather accurately. With these odds, I always wonder what they're still doing on TV!! The weather is something no one can really control. That said. The lesson here is ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN in case things don't exactly go the way you planned them too. P.s. Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck. Embrace it. I wonder what kind of luck you'd get If a hurricane decided to hit your city on your wedding day?
Mobility: This might tie in with the washroom accessibility. It's nice to say it's your wedding day and you'll cry if you want too.. But this, you really have to think about. You don't want your poor Grand-father Lou to have to climb himself in a Porta-potty.. Do you? If you're thinking of doing an outdoor wedding with no indoor washrooms in sight, you might want to think twice and get the real deluxe portables. They have a full flushing system, vanity and light. If you're having a reception over a grassy surface, try to see if renting a floor would be something worth doing. It'll be a lot easier when the time comes to kick up your heels and dance the night away! That said, these things can be a little expensive, but it's better to think smart and explore your options.
Comfort: Ok this is another big one for outdoor weddings. If the attire is semi-formal-casual, you want to make sure your guests don't end up wearing a tux. Nothing worse than dancing in a sweaty dress shirt. My boy's dad always brings a spare wherever he goes. It's quite funny!!

If you plan on getting married in July or August, RENT A FAN OR A/C SYSTEM. Please!!! You will not have a good time if someone has a heat stroke during the party. Just make sure everyone is well refreshed. If you're planning Spring or Fall outdoor wedding, consider getting blankets as favors. They can use them during the reception if the weather changes.
Washrooms: We've pretty much covered everything in this area… The only extra thing I can think of is having tons of towels on the side with a laundry hamper (keep things fresh) and have a basket full of goodies (if people need them) hairspray, gel, Advil or Tylenol, feminine products, man scent.. The essentials!
By the way, a HUGE shout out to the folks at Snipet and Ink. You folks do an amazing job sucking us all in to beautiful detailing and wonderful inspiration!!!

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