Thursday, August 21, 2008

The 1950's inspired..

Designer Candy Anthony

Photography by Rob and Lauren

Bride: Nina
Designer Candy Anthony

I love the look of the 1950's.When shopping vintage make sure everything is a sure fit. Depending on the fabric, making adjustments might not be the ideal thing. You never know how the fabric will react to alterations.

Here are a couple idea's I'd love to incorporate on my big day. My mom is going to craft this jem together as my wedding gift (when the time comes). If you're getting something custom made, it's always good to know what you'd like ahead of time. If shopping for something newer, it's good to have ideas but also be open minded about other options.

You never know what you'll find!!

P.s. How cute would this combo be.. the top on the second photo, and the way the bottom flows on the 3rd..

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