Friday, August 15, 2008


Obviously, Planning a wedding isn't easy.. keeping on budget probably isn't either. I can't imagine what goes through bride's minds when first getting engaged. Where do you start??

By no means do I know how to relate. I am un-wed, un-engaged and have absolutely no intentions of walking down any isles any time soon. (Ironically this is what I tell my boyfriend... which any women can agree with, is obvious bull-crap)

I love weddings. I love bridal magazines (remember.. not engaged). I love the look on my boyfriend's face when I open the mailbox and the magazines are busting out at the seams.. LOVE IT!! lol Absolute priceless-ness.

My obsession started at the tender age of 8. My dear fashion designer mother told me to start a book of ideas. In no time, it progressed to 5 "3 binders color coated with extreme detail and sample fabric swatches. It's all there. 33 different (sometimes ridicules) wedding scenarios.

Hopefully I can plan a moderately inexpensive/elaborate wedding..
Care to join me on my quest?

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