Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thanks for making our day so sweet...

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How great is this??

Candy buffets are hitting it big at weddings these days. I went to a wedding not too long ago, and they had a whole dessert table set up. Cute little tuxedo strawberries and the wedding cake layed out.. really nice! This idea takes it to the next level.

Here's a thought, Candy buffets with take out containers as favors!

You can make personalized tags to match your theme (match it to you invitations or color scheme) and it could be an inexpensive way to thank your guests! Who doesn't like candy?!!

Find different sizes and types of vases, bar glasses ( large martini, hurricane, wine glasses), large bowls.. Renting containers is one option, though that could be the last resort as it can be costly. You can also try to find glass containers from the thrift shops. You can come out with handfuls without paying through the nose. Set your table up with different heights. You can do this setting the vases on shoe boxes, cubes.. drape your fabric over the set up and fill your vases with whatever you like!!

Most candy buffets I've seen, all seem to be pretty empty. You can try to keep the cost low by adding fillers in between the containers such as flower pedals, or Christmas balls inserted in hurricane vases. You can offer smaller selections, however try to sort it out on a small tables instead of a larger table.

Play with fabric, mix and match things to make it visually appealing. Another way to fill in the spaces would be to add photographs of your family's weddings or your engagement photos in between the containers. You can also insert a menu of the candy bar selection in the frames. Candles are also nice, but make sure you place them in a way that people can reach without burning themselves.

Sweet Treats!!

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