Sunday, August 17, 2008

« Et la lumière fut »

I have always been a sucker for paper lanterns and romantic candle lighting. I was perusing the net a few months ago, and I stumbled upon these really neat honeycomb inspired lanterns. Very inexpensive considering the originality of each lantern. Available at Anthropologie (if you've never visited the site, I urge you to do so!!)

At the moment, these lanterns go for about $20-$30 a piece.
You can use them for fun centerpieces or just decor. If you want to part with them after your wedding, you probably wouldn't have a problem re-selling them for a fraction of the cost.
The second idea would be paper lanterns.. LOVE LOVE LOVE these.

Depending on your color scheme, you can mix and match the colors to the feel you're going for. You can also stick to traditional white to add that dramatic effect in a dark room or darker scheme. (as pictured above)

Depending on where you go, paper lanterns can go from 0.60$ a piece (size pending) to $5 (larger) and depending on variation of color.

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