Friday, May 22, 2009

DIY night: The Photoshop Edition

So while everyone else in the world is out partying their friday night pants off, I like to stay at home and be a stick in the mud with the pupster.. I know.. riveting.

But, tonight the boy is out of the house, so I have to find ways to keep my mind pre-occupado. It's only friday night.. I'm already bored.. hmmm.. anyways I'm so glad I started playing around with photoshop tonight. I was inspired by a great invitation idea with photobooth images on flickr.. Unfortunately, the images were taken down..

so I thought I'd create something fun.. a little
friday night DIY if you will.

4 photo booth shots (on a magnet strip with a red backing)
laid over marigold card stock
wrapped with a band of light green cello/clear paper
(with monogram maybe?)

Flip the card over to view invitation details It's still a work in progress..

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