Sunday, May 24, 2009

in honor of a loved one...

Releasing Balloons in honor of a loved one is quite symbolic in our family. It's such a beautiful display when each person lets his/her balloon go at the same time and see them all rise up together. 

Somerlea's sister passed away before the wedding, and the she and esteban and her parents signed some balloons and let them go into the sky before the wedding. -Erik Clausen, flickr

Balloons of different colors and sizes and shapes are quite a sight when released together into the air. There are a multitude of ways you can release balloons.. let your imagination run with it. Because most areas will not allow you to release the balloons into the open, an idea that is more eco-friendly is to release balloons in an indoor setting. The guests may also attach a personal message for the bride and groom to the balloon so that they can later enjoy the sentiments from their well wishers.

If you are planning on releasing balloons in the open air, consider purchasing biodegradable balloons. Also be sure to verify with by-law officials that you can release balloons; not all cities allow releasing of balloons into the atmosphere because some balloons are harmful to the environment. have fun with it..

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