Monday, November 16, 2009

re-post: The dream wedding

I am going to hit the ground running with this one. I am official sold on this idea. The dress, the shoes, the vintage appeal, beautiful cake.. oh My god.

We talk about ceremonies and venues and different things. We like things that have meaning, family oriented things. That is just us. We don't plan on marrying in a church, or having the big bash In a sought after venue everyone dreams of getting married in. (If you haven't read the past posts and are just getting into this blog you will be quick to discover we are looking for a no fuss casual affair)

Amanda and Daniel were married at the beautiful Bartan's Garden in Philadelphia, PA. She wore a beautiful white tea length, strapless, 2 piece gown. He wore a Paul Smith black suit to complete the casual look. The bridesmaids wore black dresses of their choice and the groomsmen wore black suits to complement the grooms attire. (I love this look. Classic, timeless.. casual yet chic)

The details of this wedding are absolutely wonderful. From the hand made invitations to the custom upholstered furniture everything was thought out extensively and executed with charm.
The guests were treated to a delicious spread of baby lamb chops and mushroom risotto catered by Philadelphia's Jeffery Miller Catering. The cake, decorated with details of small and large buttons, was a creation by Old City bakery. (whoever thought this up is a genius.. such a beautiful cake)

As a personal touch for the end of the evening, the couple gave out smoores and hot chocolate to departing guests (This is my kinda of affair)P.S. who doesn't love smoores and hot chocolate??!!

Originally posted: October 30 2008
Photography by Marie Labbancz via Brides Magazine

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