Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The countdown..

When you get that bling on your finger, wither you want it or not, things will kick into high gear. Lots of Brides and Grooms tend to get overwhelmed with all the planning details. They have no clue or guidance on where to start.

After comparing notes with a few publications.. here is a quick list to get you started in the right direction..

9-12 Months prior to the wedding:

Announce your engagement : If you haven't splashed it on Facebook, or titled yourself as Mrs. to be on your Twitter status, consider taking a spot in your local newspaper or creating a website/ blog to keep your family and friends up to date on up coming details.

Find Ceremony site/and venue, reserve and decide on a date: It's very important you book the venue and ceremony sites as soon as possible. Depending on the venue, specific times of the year and can be highly competitive for bookings.

Work on a guest list to get a rough head count: It's a good idea to start figuring out your guest list in the beginning. It'll give you an idea of what to expect with caterers' quotes for booze and food.

Start looking around for your Bridal gown: Round up your ladies for a night of Bridal Magazine "eye candy" shopping. Cut out your favorite ideas and styles and create a scrapbook to help you have a better idea of what you are specifically looking for.

6-9 Months prior:

Choose your wedding party, select a caterer, pick a photographer/videographer, hire a florist (They book fast, so make sure you get a deposit down!!) Book musicians and/or DJ, start researching Honeymoon spots.

Mail save the dates: Especially if you are having a destination or holiday-weekend wedding

Register: Registering for gifts is a blessing for some, and a pain for others. It all comes down to practicality. If you don't want to receive 3 fondue sets and 16 different salt and pepper shakers of all shapes and sizes (unless you registered for them), this is probably the best route you should go. The only downside to registering is you risk the chance of not getting something of sentimental value.

Order your wedding gown: Always leave extra time when ordering your gown. Especially if it's a special order gown. Be prepared to expect the un-expected, you can never be too sure.

4-6 Months prior:

Order wedding stationery and book a Calligrapher (if using one), shop for the wedding cake, hire wedding day transportation, book your fave beauty pros for the big day, Scout accommodation for out-of-town guests, complete the guest list, Start planning your Honeymoon, and make flight and hotel reservations.

Arrange the rehearsal dinner (suggestion...)

2-4 Months prior:

Find out about marriage-license requirements ( a must!!), order tuxedos/suits for the groom and his groomsmen, buy Thank you gifts for the attendants, choose favors (if any), start selecting music set list for the reception, Order the wedding cake, meet with the caterer or banquet manager (discuss menus, service style, wine selections....), shop for wedding bands

4-8 Weeks prior:

Mail invitations 6-8 weeks ahead of the wedding

Do a hair and makeup run-through (with headpiece)

Decide on insurance-policy changes you'll need (you never know)

2-4 Weeks prior:

Plot the seating for the reception

Confirm details with the photographer, florist...

Have your final dress fitting

Write your rehearsal-dinner toast

1 week prior:

Place the fees due on the wedding day in envelopes (you don't want to be writing cheques and worrying about payments the day of)

Give the the caterer a final head count

And last but not least, book yourself a day at the spa for final beauty treatments.. go on Honey! You MORE Than deserve a day at the Spa!

Most importantly, Don't Forget to ENJOY yourself. After all, it is you and your hubby's big day!

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