Sunday, November 30, 2008

In the last 48 hours...

1. Watched the windshield crack go from 10 cm to 30 cm.. (will show photos before the repair.. )

2. Manage to misplace half a prime rib (we think the dog ate it... but so far no evidence has turned up)

3. Made a home video remake of the in laws home movies.. (awesome day)

4. Got the beast to start for the first time in 3 months..

5. Drove around with the beast (no insurance/ no drivers license.. Rebel right here!!)

6. Stalled the Beast in the driveway.. back to square one..

7. Had Dim Sum with mom and baby bro

8. Felt bad for Britney

9. Found a box of old Diaries stored at the in laws

10. Went through the box of Diaries.. (at least I thought the entries were funny)

11. Played vintage video games on the wii (not so vintage)

12. Sorted stuff in the office..

13. wished for a snow storm to hit the city..

14. Listening to the freezing rain hitting the window.. (it begins)

Pretty productive weekend if you ask me... now If only I could sleep another full day...
Hopefully we get a snow day tomorrow...

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