Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And it begins...

What a day.

The boy and I took the day off together (actually he took off. I already had the day off) anyways, we decided today would be a good day to stock up on things at the grocery store. It's been about a month since we've done a HUGE load of groceries so the pantry was a little bare.
Being a Tuesday afternoon-ish, we knew it was going to be quiet at the store.

Just the way I like it to be.

We start going up and down the usual rows.. Cereals, drinks, produce, frozen foods. And then it hits. When we first walked into the store, I thought I heard a slight hum of John Lennon's 'So this is Christmas' coming from the ceiling. I ignored it. "There's no way they're already playing Christmas music" I thought to myself, so I didn't really say anything about it and went back to picking out Beef broths for the stew I was planning for dinner.

Right when we were headed to the bread section for my pumpernickel loaf... the worst possible thing happened. (It's really not that bad, but still..)

Silver Bells came on the radio...

I was in awe. Now I don't know about you... but I think it's wayyyyyyyyyy too early to start thinking about the holidays.

My point is 4 folds.

1. No one should start decorating the house for the holidays before December 1st.
Decorating in November makes no sense to me. Halloween just ended.. give it at least a month. Our neighbours still have their Halloween spider bags on their front lawns... what does that tell you!

2. Early Christmas sales.
Don't you know they make these sales to get you to buy things earlier? They'll suck you back in 2 days before Christmas too!! And the day after that!! Don't believe me? Try this. Buy your spouse a gift now. (today, this second) I'm willing to bet you $15.00 and a piece of lint (it's all I have in my wallet right now) that you'll discard the gift and buy something else on Christmas eve. I've been there. Every year I do the same thing.

(I skipped 3, I wasn't inspired)

4. Santa photo op at the mall.
I actually secretly love these. I just tell people I hate them.
In high school, I used to skip school with my friends to sit on the creepy old mans knee for a photo. But here's where my beef with the mall Santa comes in... why is he only there at weird times?? Why be there at 1pm but not at 4 pm?? I just don't get it.

I guess I'm in denial. I'll probably be singing a different tune next week though..
It's just not the same without snow on the ground...

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