Monday, November 22, 2010

Minor details..

At least twice a week I get the dreaded.. ' What is your dress going to look like? what style is your hair and makeup? We want details!!' Truth be told, this is a problem on it's own..

A year ago, I had absolutely no clue where to start! I've kept scrapbooks upon scrapbooks of ideas and schemes and d├ęcor for years and now, here I am engaged and finally planning a wedding, and I couldn't even settle on a color scheme. Has anyone else gone through this before? Just stumped...

Since we've pretty much booked all of our vendors for the big day, our little details are starting to shape into a monster neither of us expected. We've finally picked our color scheme..ish

via colorlovers

I am a true sucker for jewel tones. I really am.

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