Friday, January 22, 2010

Let the wedding planning officially begin!

The deed is done.

The bridal party is selected and now, the planning can really begin!

A little backround story if you will.

Years before we got engaged, the FH and I would talk endlessly about wedding details.. From cakes, styles for the bridal party, themes.. Gifts.. (let's face it, the registry always comes up in passing...) but one thing we always seemed to disagree on was the whole bridal party thing. I wanted three, and he wanted 1.. And then after doing the math, made pros and cons lists, and arm wrestled over it, I finally got on board with the idea for one attendee on each side.
Last night we sealed the deal. It's official, 1 and 1. that is it.

Am I happy with it? Yes.. Did I lose sleep over it? No..

Here's why.

We have tooooooooooons of close friends. The girls are all close, the boys are close and we also have siblings and close cousins to add to the mix. To include some and not others would be a crime.. Having a bridal party of 16 would absolutely be out of the question. Headaches would never end and I really don't want to deal with diva attitudes if the girls didn't like the dresses or the seating arrangements for their spouses. The important thing is that all our friends and family will be there to celebrate with us, and if we have to keep the bridal party small in order to keep things drama free, so be it. Drama free is a very important detail.. You know why? Too many chefs spoil the soup. Nuff' said.

So the deed is done. The FH (Future Hubby if you're trying to figure that out), asked the best man last week and everything is falling into place.

*** DISCLAIMER!!!!***

I won't be going into much detail about the wedding on this blog... but if you want to follow along with our planning please go see our blog baby, and follow us!

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