Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cake details..

It's a funny process when you start planning your wedding. You spend your life day dreaming about details and ideas going in one direction and then all of the sudden, everything shifts into another lane. For years, I envisioned cupcakes instead of a wedding cake.. red velvety goodness with an amazing cream cheese icing. Sounds amazing right?

Then, after having a conversation with the better half about cake cutting and smashing cake in ones face as a tradition (deal breaker) and thinking back to having a red velvet cupcake in New York only a few weeks ago, my mind started racing.. What if I get red specs all over my dress after the better half smashes a cupcake in my face? What if my teeth are stained red for the rest of the evening? What is a girl to do?? So, I scrapped that idea. (hmph..)

Back to the drawing boards.

But not too much time was spent there. We actually came up with somewhat of a compromise. One of my dearest friends, a pastry chef, whom I've known since the second grade (think 15 years ago) was enthused when I asked her if she would bake our wedding cake. Without really going into the cake details with her, she was absolutely delighted and honored that I asked but would hold a world class protest if we demanded 200 cupcakes, had them individually decorated with intricate details AND individually boxed and wrapped accordingly to give away as favors. (apparently, Bridezilla made an appearance at the last wedding she made a cake for.. don't think it ended on good terms..)

I took note (check) and just decided it would be less complicated and a little more appropriate for our celebration of love (yes, I went there) if we had a traditional 2 tiered wedding cake without the traditional trimmings. Just a simple butter cream or cream cheese icing (hold the fondant...), a few floral garnishes and a set of beautiful cake toppers like these (which we fully plan on DIY'ing ourselves) and maybe a cute red cake stand.

via thesmallobject on Etsy

Already getting goose bumps and butterflies thinking about it..

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