Wednesday, April 15, 2009

While were on the subject of venues..

Scary word right? Picking one out can be a daunting task for some.. and outright stressing for others who want the perfect everything. I'll let you in on a little secret my friends... nothing is perfect. It is whatever you make it to be. If it's perfect for you, than that's all that should matter. If uncle Billy thinks it's drab than too bad for him. Remember you can't please everyone.

Scouting venues in our neck of the woods isn't as simple as one may seem to believe.. We have tons of venues.. but most are the generic hotel banquet halls.. unfortunately that's not really my bag. I'd like to try something a little different...

Considering on a few alternate ideas like..
Art Gallery
My dad's backyard
Green house
Private Clubs
University great halls
Farm house
Public Parks

**Have you even considered local real estate listings for a one night rental?? You never know if you don't ask right?

That said, keep in mind, with each type of venue comes a whole new set of rules.. Curfews, hidden costs, and rental fees might taint your perfect night..

Bottom line
Make sure you ask questions & get all the facts you need before signing on the doted line. Save yourself the headache.. and hopefully you'll find yourself the perfect venue.

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