Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspiration: A Carnival Affair vs. A Rustic Affair

The best of both worlds.. right here. We keep swinging back and forth on this, but I think in the end we will find a happy medium between a Carnival and Rustic theme. Here are 2 very different yet fun inspiration boards for both receptions..

1. and 2. carnival themed reception, 3. pop bottles, 4. popcorn rings, 5. drink tickets, 6. snow cones, 7. carnival tickets, 8. bouquet of red lovelies, 9. candy buffet, 10. amusement park rides, 11. details

Absolutely love the muted tones from the Rustic board. Dark framed lanterns and beautiful greenery compliment the light and airy dahlias and vintage pieces. Having said that, really digging the bright pops of reds and blues and outdoorsy details from the Carnival inspiration board.

I think in the end, we'll be borrowing quite a few ideas from both themes to fuse our reception into something to suit our personalities.
Despite a few set backs, we're getting pretty excited about the planning. The great venue search is about to begin and I have a feeling the competition will be fierce!!!

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