Saturday, October 24, 2009

Etsy word of the day: Owls

Last weekend, the better half and I took the steam train into Wakefield and spent a beautiful afternoon walking around the village. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat and ended up going to l'Hibou, which had just opened up the week before our little trip (BONUS!!). I instantly fell in love with this cafe.. Vintage owl salt and pepper shakers (which I'm pretty sure was the inspiration for this place), a mix of mismatched chairs and tables dating from the 70's and a bar area embellished with recycled wine bottles that is to die for!

Since seeing this cafe, I have become enamoured with all things owls. It's not something we've been obsessing over, well actually I've never really said anything about owls up 'till now.. but as a theme, I would love to see this happen. (maybe not for the wedding, but a rehearsal dinner or an engagement party)

Either way, it would give me an excuse to order these gorgeous invites..

ello there via Etsy

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