Friday, August 14, 2009

Rainy Summer..

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After this summer, I have vowed to always have a backup rainy wedding day plan. I really think Mother Nature has it out for us.. So far this has been the rainiest spring/summer we have seen in yearsssss.. that's enough to drive a sane "Bride to be" crazy!

I have always fantasized about having a big backyard wedding. My dad owns a home/country decor shop about 20 minutes East of Ottawa, and everything about it would be the perfect setting for our outdoor dream wedding. It truly is perfect. The store is located in a gorgeous century old home with a wrap around porch at the front entrance. Attached to the store, is a rather large barn (recently painted Red) which I absolutely love. Once in a while when we have a chance to visit the shop, the better half and I take a stroll around the parking lot and around back of the store and chat about what we could potentially do with the space if we do decide to set up camp there.

Realistically, we couldn't use the store itself as a backup venue in case of rainy weather. The store is already short of space, and I really don't think our guests would enjoy being cramped together in such tight quarters. The plan would be to have the wedding ceremony behind the store in the garden area and the reception on the parking lot located next to the store. Without a doubt, we will have get very large a tent and a dance floor.. maybe a stage for the band.. I may have gone and jinxed it by talking about "le plan" with all of you.. All this to say, it would be perfect.
We're just hoping when the time comes for us to say our "I dos".. Mother Nature will be kind and keep us in mind. ; )

If you are planning on having an outdoor extravaganza, the only rule you have to keep in mind for outdoor weddings, always have something up your sleeve for un-predictable weather.. you never know what'll happen! Weather is 1 thing you cannot control. But if anything happens, go with the flow.. rain won't ruin your special day. A pouting bride will.
And PS. make sure you have a backup plan for footwear.. This will give you a justifiable reason as to why you should buy super cute wellies, like these!

**for additional tips on how to deal with outdoor weddings, visit bridal wave!!

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The Professional Bridesmaid said...

What a cute photo! It's been a rainy one this summer!! But hopefully it's inspired brides to get creative with footwear/umbrellas etc.