Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Linens, tables and chairs.. oh my!!

Photography by Tim Chin
Seating charts are probably one of the the most dreaded areas in the planning process. This is most likely why we are thinking of throwing the formal dinner/buffet tradition out the window and sticking to heavy Hors d'oeuvres and lots of mingling instead. We know this is a big nono in wedding etiquette, but we'd like to have a chance to meet and greet every single one of ours guests and have a great time doing so. We always hear stories about how newlyweds barely saw their guests the night of. We want to do things a little differently.. our way. We'll have several tables and seating areas set up and guests will be able to sit where they like. (maybe set up a little V.I.P area for the older folks) No head table, no fuss.

But again.. this is the "idea du jour" guaranteed it's going to change when the time comes…

On that note, you shouldn't have to butt heads to figure out the seating charts. Here are a couple
ideas from past weddings we've attended..

Draw from a hat:
Sounds kinda funny, but it works! We attended a wedding last year where most of the the bride and groom's guests were mutual friends or knew each other in some way. This was a no brainer for them. Family guests were grouped together near the head table (you don't want to stick grandma Pearl with Bob your un-ruly college friend right?) and the rest of the tables were figured out with the draw of a hat.

The idea is to cut little pieces papers and assign them to your guests (single, or with guest) and draw from a hat.. and tadah!! You have a table roaster. It ended up working out perfectly. This is a really great way to get your guests to mingle and meet new folks! Because the better half was in the bridal party, I ended up at a table with the grooms men's wives, the photog and a few of our single friends.. We had a blast.

Group friends/family and cliques together:
This is probably the most effective way to go. Simple. You don't have to smash your head trying to figure out who will get along with who. There shouldn't be any complications there.. Unless you're trying to avoid some kind of confrontation..

Save yourself the headache and plan ahead. The more you worry about it, the more stressed you'll be the day of. But in the end, just remember to have fun. No matter what happens, it always works out in the end..

How did you figure out your seating charts?

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