Friday, January 9, 2009

Is today really friday?

What a week.. I still can't believe the holidays are over.. at least I have a couple things to look forward to in the coming month. My beloved and I are leaving on a jet plane (after a 3 hour drive to Syracuse) to embark on our very first long term vacation.

Our destination you ask? The City. (hehehe get it?)

I am so excited to be spending 10 wonderfully packed days in the Big Apple. I am however devastated to leave my pride and joy behind. Our little Rufa-loo will be very anxious for our return, guaranteed. Wheaten terriers tend to have separation anxiety.. well ours does at least lol

Hopefully a dog sweatshirt with the words.. "I (heart) Chinatown" will make him happy ; )

We are so excited to be able to bring our friends with us as well! The first 4-5 days will be entertaining the guests, and the rest will be to explore the upper west side the way we want.

Magnolia's is down the street.. so you'll know where to find me!!

A quick breakfast at Tiffany's might be in the cards...

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